La Mèche publishes high-quality works that appeal to a wide public, especially students at the CEGEP (college) and university levels.

We are happy to provide pedagogical materials that accompany our publications to teachers and professors of CEGEP and university students. If you wish to add La Mèche titles to your curriculum that are not part of the books listed below, please contact us at [email protected].

Pedagogical sheets available for free access :


Quelque chose en moi choisit le coup de poing

Mathieu Leroux

Pedagogical sheet by Marilène Campeau
Cégep de Thetford

This collection is comprised of several plays and an essay that explore self-performance. It introduces students to postmodern theatre. The themes of current interest, the oral language and raw dialogue will appeal to students who can easily identify with the characters.

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Dans le noir jamais noir

Françoise Major

Pedagogical sheet by Geneviève Dufour
Cégep de Drummondville

This collection of short stories deals with the themes of solitude, marginality, appearances and shattered dreams. The language projects a vision of the world that is disenchanted, without being tragic, using vocabulary that is raw and colloquial. Some texts finish abruptly, creating an unexpected ending, typical of the conventional short story. In other stories, the denouement creates a sense of awareness, subtly ending the text on a more reflexive note.

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Et au pire, on se mariera

Sophie Bienvenu

Pedagogical sheet by Catherine Dussault Frenette
Université de Sherbrooke

Short and incisive, this book by Sophie Bienvenu helps students on the Cegep level to progressively become familiar with narrative analysis and to explore the question of distribution of power between male and female characters.

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